Good Day!

Welcome to all things travel. I'm Marshe’ and I eat, sleep, and breathe travel, its my favorite thing to do. I have been traveling my whole life and I am an expert in planning destination weddings, honeymoons, group trips, and all-inclusive vacations. I know planning a wedding or honeymoon can be stressful and it has to be done right, it's not just a regular vacation. This is your destination wedding and honeymoon, the start of your life together, and I want it to be the best moment. I assist engaged couples like you in planning an unforgettable destination wedding and honeymoon experience. I use my travel expertise to pick the best wedding location for a couple’s wedding vision to be fulfilled. I do this by discovering your unique vision and filtering it through my extensive inventory of wedding and honeymoon venues to find the perfect place where you and your guests will be wowed. Being a destination wedding bride, I know the behind-the-scenes, details, and decisions that go into planning your big day. I began Good Day Travel to help brides like you remove wedding stress or feel overwhelmed by listening and providing straight-to-the-point detailed ideas to better assist and relieve the burden of having a destination wedding and honeymoon. Good Day Travel was born from vision and love that I have for traveling and serving people transform there travel dreams into reality. My background is in science and service so I am experienced in intense but rewarding atmospheres. Ready to Turn your Travel Dreams into Reality? Contact me today! 

P.S. you guessed it!! My everyday greeting is actually Good Day!!




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